Ornamentales Del Valle was founded in 1998; it is located in San Marcos de Colon Choluteca and dedicated to the production of leather leaf in shade houses.

With 45 hectares of shade houses in production. Orvasa exports to the European market 1 container of leather leaf a week, and a total of 55 containers a year.

Our brand-name Green Mood Ferns is well known in the European market because our leather leaf are distinctive for its consistent quality in color, texture, shelf life and few spores. We have accomplished this through our ample experience in agriculture and to the incorporation of advanced technology such as the automatic application of fertilizers.

Orvasa works using sustainable agricultural practices, 60% of the water used for irrigation is recycled which in turn have a significant reduction in the consumption of fuel and fertilizers. Another example is the use of organic fertilizer (compost) made of residue materials from various types of vegetation, sugarcane remaining, sawdust, etc.