The purpose is to provide safe, healthy and delicious melons to consumers all around the world. We produce them with genuine respect towards nature and people. As we generate progress and continue to prosper, we share the success with the most needed, granting % of the profits to Fundación Agrolíbano ( a non-profit organization, preparing and promoting change makers within the community to create sustainable changes in health, education and community development.

Miguel Molina.

Our Vision

Located in  San Lorenzo, Valle in the south of Honduras;  Grupo Agrolibano is a  corporation  formed  by Agropecuaria Montelibano dedicated to  agriculture, Industria Camaronera del  Sur dedicated to  aquaculture, Ornamentales del  Valle dedicated to ornamental production  and  Bosques  Cuyamapa dedicated to forestry.  With everyone of its 500 permanent and a variable quantity of temporal employees focus to exceed customer needs and to obtain a high performance through excellence in every step, Grupo Agrolibano has been able to grow and diversify even though it competes  in a industry that is oversupplied, affected by weather conditions and highly regulated.


Dedicated to the reliable and sustainable production of melons; Agropecuaria Montelibano is the oldest and most important company of the group. Each year more than 3,000 hectares (14.5 million linear meters) are farm to harvest more than 4,100 containers (85,000 tons) of Mike’s Melons, which are shipped to the most demanding customers in North America, Europe, Asia and The Middle East. After the melon harvest around 700 hectares of corn are grown in the same land, taking advantage of the remaining fertilizer; then after harvesting the corn a great amount of organic matter is left that subsequently benefit the melon crop.  Melon production requires bee pollination, more than 3,000 beehives are needed, after their main job is done,  they produce delicious Honey. Besides melons Agropecuaria also farms 75 hectares of watermelons for seed production, which are grown exclusively for an international seed house.

Healthy melons improving lives!

Is to satisfy and delight our customers and global consumers with healthy melons that improve lives.


To be recognized as the most reliable supplier of melons in the world with a service of excellence.


Our Mission

Food Safety is a top priority and our biggest commitment to our customers. It is not only a methodology, but a culture of life we practice each day in our operation focused on prevent or minimize food safety hazards in our processes.


Considering the recent foodborne disease cases that have been linked to the fruit industry, we have reinforced even more the rigorousness of the protocols in place and elevated our awareness towards the importance of this program.


The program is audited by external auditors, Which include, audits directed by our customer’s technical staff, Certified companies and inspectors from the government. Within our list of certifications we have; Global Gap, USGAP, USGMP, HACCP, BRC, Tesco Nurture, Field to Fork and furthermore we are certified and approved by the FDA. We are proud to have high scores on all these audits.


Mike's Melons Food Safety Program

Have a heart of melon it is a commitment, a discipline.


It means working with the PURPOSE of ¨Providing safe, healthy and delicious melons to consumers which in return will generate prosperity and progress ¨


Do it with EXCELLENCE, evaluating the performance to measure the progress.


WORKING AS A TEAM with humility, responsibility, leadership and respect to meet the requests and requirements of our customers. They are our reason for being; therefore, we must listen with EMPATHY to understand their concerns and issues. From understanding to action, through a CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT were perseverance, innovation and creativity are key.


Finally it means, doing it with INTEGRITY, in the relationships with our employees and their families, business partners, and the communities where we operate and with nature.


Many changes and challenges will come, but while we are loyal to this commitment in everything we do and where ever we go, our projects will endure.



Founded by ­M­iguel Molina,  Agropecuaria Montelibano was the start of this history of great challenges where perseverance, hard work and dedication have overcome adversity and brought success, wealth and pride to some of the poorest rural areas of Honduras. With  enthusiasm more than anything else , Agropeacuria started  with a planting of 15 hectares of melons that were  sold to  an  intermediary that packed  and shipped  the fruit to the US market; it was until 1983 that the company did its first direct  shipment  to the US under the Mike’s Melons  brand. From there on, innovation has been the norm for a continued expansion and  market product diversification.



We are a  company

with a heart of melon!


With the Same Enthusiasm of our First Day

Dedicated to the reliable and sustainable production of melons; Agropecuaria Montelibano is the oldest and most important company of the group.



Each year more than 3,000 hectares, are farm to harvest more than 4,100 containers (85,000 tons) of Mike’s Melons,


700 hectares of corn


Melon production requires bee pollination, more than 3,000 beehives are needed.


Besides melons Agropecuaria also farms 75 hectares of watermelons for seed production.

Excellence in Packaging

the fruit is carefully transported from the field to the packing house in plastic bins, we place cushion films on each layer and discharge the bins into a water tank with specialized machinery, all this to avoid bruises and damage to the fruit.

Postharvest treatment is applied with specialized equipment.

The fruit is packed in special modified atmosphere bags.


We are specialized on satisfying customized needs and pack the melons tailored to our customers requirements.

The fruit is forced air cooled timely

The Market

We supply Mike’s melons of superior quality and flavor to customers and markets with differentiated needs all over the world. Our melons are sold in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


We specialize in tailor made orders for retail and fresh cut customers, this requires a high level of accuracy throughout the production process. This is possible with the correct infrastructure but most importantly with a team committed to fulfill customer’s orders no matter what.

Our People

Our distinguished brand for 35 years with which we have made presence in over 30 countries worldwide, consolidating an image of quality, consistency and service with healthy and delicious melons.


As a result of our 35 years of experience and clients´ increasing daily demand, we decided to create this brand that represents the best selection of our melons, to offer our clients a superior quality product.


Our Brands

Contact Us

Calle principal, San Lorenzo, Valle, Honduras, C.A.

504+2781-2186, Fax 2781-2256


We fulfill the local wage and labor legislation, we comply with the ethical trading initiative through this audit protocol we guarantee that employment is freely chosen, freedom of association and right to collective bargaining are respected, working conditions are safe and hygienic, we do not use child labor, we pay fair wages, working hours are not excessive, a non discrimination policy is respected, regular employment is provided and finally no harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed.


But as we want our people to go the extra mile for our clients we do the same for them and genuinely care for their welfare by: Providing comfortable transportation, rest and dining areas, high quality drinking water, access to food supplies at cost which represent saving on their food budget of 20-25%, access to basic health services at company clinics, vaccination campaigns and training in occupational health and food safety, also we encourage a culture of excellence by recognizing the high performances with awards  in the form of food rations and  finally we do some recreational activities at the end of each season.





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